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Stereoscopic cross eyes canvas library

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Librería que extiende un objeto de contexto de canvas con funciones que de manera casi-transparente para el programador transforma un canvas en 3D.

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Cross eyes stereoscopic canvas library.

Project under development

Developed after a 12 hours javascript course, started as a proof of concept to test prototype features in javascript. Seems canvas makes some checks about the instance when extending, so it is not posible to do what I wanted to do. Anyway, I managed to make the programming of the stereoscopic efect relatively transparent for the programmer.

Online example:

I encourage to read the instructions before (not mine): Features implemented


Features TO DO

Enable/disable the stereoscopic effect.
Queue the drawing commands to draw at the end in proper order (calling a new function commint() or something).
Callback to determine the depth of the elements, so already existing programs can "realtively" easy to update to stereoscopic.
Computations of X, Y and Depth cached.
Implement the strereoscopic wrapper for all possible functions of canvas (

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